Traditional Romani Folktales Project

Nick (a director of Nomadic Education) and other community members, have been busy sharing approximately 12 authentic, traditional Romanian Roma folktales with us.  They are stories that they were told when they were young children growing up in Roma families in Romania. 

We have been working on putting them into a format suitable for primary school children (Key Stage 1 and 2) to be able to read and enjoy.  These stories were traditionally told in families and re-told through generations, to partly pass their culture, values, behaviours and traditions.   

Story titles include:  Home is where the heart is, Why Roma love horses, Bakro the shepherd, Barvalo and the coat, Pangel and the Karfins, The Lautari and the Bears, Purro, the Bulibasha and the Karkalo, Jesus and the Karfins, Sumaki Petalo, The Shah of Persia’s lautari, The Busni and the Ruv and Tutankhamun was a Rom.  The stories use key Romanes words, and there will be a glossary explaining the words.

To see Roma culture and traditions reflected in school based resources has been our primary goal…hopefully it will not be much longer before a fully illustrated collection of stories is widely available.