Roma Have Your Say programme


Following the increasing media hysteria about Gypsies snatching blonde children, the BBC World Service have decided to dedicate an hour programme to the issue for the Romani community to air it’s views. A one hour live programme, which Jake Bowers will be co-presenting, will be broadcast live today at 6pm from a Romani caravan site in Surrey, England on the BBC World Service across the world.

Jake has posted: “If you are Romani or a Traveller and are concerned about these developments please get in touch with me. It is time we stood together from Ireland to the Balkans to say what we think about the resurrection of dangerous stereotypes. Please email your phone number if you’d like to take part to: It would also be good to know how you might have been affected by these issues in the past. Have your children been taken into care, have you adopted non-Romani children and raised them as your own.

If you are in England we’d like to invite you to the site to take part in a live broadcast, if you are anywhere else in the world we can call you for your contribution or get you into a BBC studio.”