The team

We have wide experience of the Travelling communities and educational practice.  We all have current CRBs and all are qualified teachers.

Brian Foster is an Education Consultant specialising in Inclusion, Monitoring and Evaluation, currently engaged in projects in UK, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Croatia. He is an experienced trainer, chairs the Advisory Council for the Education of Romanies and other Travellers, and is a Trustee of the Irish Travellers Movement in Britain and Equality. He participated in a major piece of research for the DFE and has written a number of books, chapters and articles.

Peter Norton qualified as a Primary Teacher in 1988.  For 12 years he was the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Education Consultant in Waltham Forest.  He is now the part time Headteacher of the Virtual School for GRT in Cambridgeshire. He is a trustee of the Roma Support Group and the Advisory Council for the Education of Romanies and other Travellers.  He has travelled extensively across Europe on a wide range of Gypsy Roma and Traveller assignments, and has also co-authored several GRT resources for schools.

Nick Radu’s background as a Romanian Rom coming from a poor area motivated him to study and work hard to qualify as a teacher. He currently works as a LSA in a Waltham Forest Primary School, where he supports many children including Gypsy, Roma and Travellers.  He also works as a part time Outreach Worker in Haringey.  Nick wants to dispel the negative stereotypes of Roma, and to help many in that community achieve a better life, an objective that he believes can only be reached through education. He speaks Romanian and Romanes.