Terms and conditions

In accepting your schools subscription we agree to provide:

  1. A login and password to enable one member of staff to access the restricted areas of the nomadic-education website and download available resources
  2. An opportunity for the nominated member of staff to attend one twilight training session per term, within the local authority area
  3. An email advice service, which we will acknowledge within 24 hours and respond to within a week
  4. Up to 1 hour of training each year delivered to the whole school staff
  5. At least one newsletter per term updating network members on developments relating to the education of pupils from these communities, resources reviews and accounts of good practice.

You agree to nominate a member of the school staff who will develop their understanding of the culture and identities of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, the educational challenges they face and present, the strategies which will promote the educational inclusion, achievement, opportunities and rights.Senior management will support this person in disseminating the knowledge and skills, acquired through participation in the network, to colleagues in the school context.

Such strategies will include whole school issues, such a policies, curriculum, celebrations and parental engagement. Other issues addressed will include behviour management, improving attendance, preventing exclusion, SEN identification and planning.

The network will allow participants to share their practice and to work with colleagues to develop resources and plans to improve the opportunities and outcomes for children from these communities, as well as understanding and mutual respect within the school community. There is an expectation that schools will cooperate in providing training rooms, without charge, on a rotation basis.

Additional services not covered by the subscription, but available at the consultancy rates displayed on the website, include:

  1. School visits over and above the one hour training offer
  2. Home visits
  3. Translation of documents not available to download*
  4. Curriculum planning*
  5. School audits

Resources developed by nomadic-education are copyrighted but can be used without charge by network members on a not for profit basis.

Nomadic-education offers training, advice and guidance in good faith, based on current knowledge and practice; it cannot, however, be held responsible for the interpretation and implementation of this advice at school level. The subscription will only be refunded if Nomadic-education fails to deliver the services 1-5 in the first paragraph above.

*the charge may be waived if the resource or document is of benefit to other schools in the network.