Roma in Caracal (Romania) get a new roof, after more than 50 years!

Through Nick Radu’s extensive contacts in Romania, and including a cash donation from Coca Cola – Nick has secured a commitment from the mayor and local politicians to enable the huge roof of a building in the Romanian city of Caracal, to be renovated.  The building is home to several hundred Roma children and adults.  There had been no maintenance or repair for some 50 years, and consequently it was in a terrible state of repair with countless leaks and very little protection from the often harsh Romanian winters.  Here is a clip from the local media in Caracal reporting on the building work progress…

Coca Cola and the World Cup

Earlier in the year Nick Radu (nomadic education), was instrumental in working with Coca Cola to film this advert, in his home town of Caracal in Romania. The film featured Roma young people, and culminated in several of them being taken to Brazil for the World Cup! Have a look at the final cut here…

What can the nomadic network do for our school?

Waltham Forest Primary School Autumn event

26th September 2013
4pm to 6pm

Riverley Primary School
Park Road
London E10 7BZ

Telephone: 020 8539 4535

The session will be an introduction to the Nomadic network and website and resources CD.  There will be a discussion around identification of key issues, and the distribution of free CD Rom resources to everyone who signs up – and a planning session identifying key issues and future training.

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